SDWEA Committees

SDWEA focuses its work in three primary areas to promote wind energy development and production  in South Dakota:  Public Policy, Workforce & Supply Chain Issues, and Membership. Each area has a focused committee to develop and implement effective ways to support wind energy in South Dakota.

Committee Descriptions

Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee provides strategic guidance for SDWEA on wind energy policy issues at the state and local level.  The committee works with SDWEA’s lobbying team to provide direction on SDWEA’s position on state legislative proposals during the South Dakota legislative session to ensure that wind energy development and capacity is not negatively impacted by adopted policies.  The committee also monitors local policies to make sure local ordinances do not impede wind energy projects with unreasonable or onerous requirements.

Workforce & Supply Chain Issues Committee

The Workforce & Supply Chain Issues Committee works to ensure a stable workforce and supply chain for wind energy development and projects.  The opportunities for wind energy development and production is immense, but without a workforce or the proper supplies to ensure the projects can be completed and the capacity can be maximized, the full potential of wind energy cannot be leveraged.  This committee focuses on issues that impact workforce or supply chain and develops options for addressing the issues through partnerships and public policy.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee focuses on providing membership support for SDWEA members and developing partnerships with supporters of wind energy to strengthen the multi-disciplinary organizations supporting wind energy in South Dakota.  Through successful partnerships and a strong membership, SDWEA maintains its reputation as strong representative of wind energy supporters.