Public Policy

SDWEA Lobbying Team

SDWEA is represented in policy discussions at the state and local levels by our lobbying team.  The SDWEA lobbyists are responsible for representing SDWEA during the South Dakota legislative session and monitoring policy developments at the local level and through project applications to the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission.

The SDWEA lobbying team provides weekly policy updates during the legislative session (January – March) and updates on issues as they emerge throughout the year.

You can join the policy updates by sending an e-mail to

South Dakota Legislative Research Council

The South Dakota Legislature provides access to all the legislation considered during the legislative session (January – March) and the interim committee where policies impacting wind energy development and production are considered.

You can follow the work of the South Dakota Legislative Research Council at

American Wind Energy Association

SDWEA is a member of the American Wind Energy Association.  AWEA provides information on policy issues concerning wind energy development and production.  While SDWEA sets its own policy positions through the SDWEA Public Policy Committee, AWEA provides useful and reliable information about public policies impacting wind energy.  AWEA policy information can be found at