Mission Statement

Founded in 2008, the South Dakota Wind Energy Association (SDWEA) is a multi-disciplinary group of individuals and organizations working together to promote the growth and development of wind energy as an alternative energy source for South Dakota.

The growth and demand of wind energy cannot be overstated.  South Dakota generated nearly 24% of its electricity from wind power in 2019 – the 5th highest in the nation.  Over 1,700 MW of installed wind power in South Dakota is making our state one of the fastest growing wind energy production states in the nation.  Continued growth is scheduled for South Dakota which will double the installed capacity.  

Wind development and capacity in South Dakota accounts for more than 2,000 jobs in our state.  Five active manufacturing facilities help support wind energy development in our state.  Over $3 billion in capital investments through wind energy development have been made in South Dakota.  In addition to the capital investments, annual lease payments total approximately $9.8 million to landowners. Additionally, state and local tax payments from wind development projects top $9 million annually.

South Dakota set a renewable energy target of 10% by 2015.  This target seeks to have at least 10% of all retail electricity sales be met through renewable sources.  Wind energy is the chosen method for meeting this target.  SDWEA is committed to making the 2015 goal a reality by supporting wind energy development and production through effective public policies.