SDWEA videos


This year, 2016, marks the beginning of infrastructure renewal and capacity building within the Association, which will ultimately add more value to your membership and participation goals.

To build upon a strong foundation, SDWEA realized its challenges, the Association is small and possesses limited resources when measured against the critical issues our industry is facing within the state. Nonetheless, with this understanding the Association is preparing for targeted growth and strengthening of the sector by getting back to the basics — the local community.

The Association wants to bolster our services and benefits to members by supporting local communities, providing advocacy, educational and networking opportunities, and monitoring of government and business practices. As SDWEA expands, providing the infrastructure to form social networks, it will pave the way for members and stakeholders to take an active role in reinforcing wind projects in their communities. This grassroots support is essential in altering the overall mindset and garnering support for wind energy. 

SDWEA knows its members are the experts and the Association wants to share that knowledge through more local training opportunities, active partnering with our national allies, and most importantly, reaching the next generation of wind supporters who have a desire to live and raise their families in a renewable environment.




​​SDWEA can assist members with creating marketing and promotional items for outreach, presentations or events. The Association can help to develop grassroots and coalition groups to further wind projects in your communities. With any grassroots and marketing campaign any wind developer, utility, or other partners can use the SDWEA radio clips consisting of one 60 second spot, one 60 second clip with open air to add company information and two 30 second recordings. SDWEA can assist in working with media outlets to provide a substantial deal when running the radio or TV ads, mentioned above.

SDWEA can assist members in developing training and continuing education opportunities for employees, clients and our partners. SDWEA is available to connect members with workforce development opportunities and to build skilled and ready employees. Check out the National Skills Assessmentof the US Wind Industry from NREL, to review employment and training data as wells as future projections for the workforce.


To search for current positions in the industry check  out AWEA's career website.

SDWEAhas produced aninformational video, three PSA TV commercials andthree radio PSA clips to educate and promote the wind industry in the State. View the informational video below as well as some great drone footage of turbines on grazing land. PSA's will be running on major South Dakota television and radio stations through January 2017 and can be seen on Facebook and YouTube.