Legislation & AdvocACY

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Call To Action - Supporters of Wind Energy! 

      SDWEA is calling on all supporters, partners and stakeholders of wind to join the Association and South Dakota developers to stand for the benefits the industry brings to our state. For those working in the field to build turbine blades and maintenance turbine parts, to tower technicians and engineers the wind industry is their livelihood. For communities who invested in wind projects, and landowners and farmers with a cash crop in lean economic years, wind diversifies their income to support growing families. To teachers with an increase in salary and most importantly, for the students who understand that renewable energy is powering South Dakota and our country.

       South Dakotans demand wind energy for unparrelled state revenue and business development, increases to good public health outcomes, and a stewardship of our environment to control pollutants and save water for our people, livestock and crops.

       Below and to the right, SDWEA has illustrated many evidence-based reasons that South Dakota's oldest form of power has provided rural towns and residents with a means to prosper while utilizing a clean and unlimited resource, they can feel proud of to leave for subsequent generations.

2017 Legislative Session

    The South Dakota Legislature is in its fourth week at the Statehouse. It is important that wind energy supporters across the state of South Dakota stay actively involved throughout 2017 as well as staying-tuned to SDWEA email alerts as the session progresses.
    SDWEA testified in favor of HB 1012 related to solar-energy easements. The bill seeks to expand many of the legal privileges granted to wind-energy projects to solar-energy projects and was introduced by the SD Public Utilities Commission. SDWEA expressed our enthusiastic support for renewable-energy alternatives and expanding the economic development potential of renewable energy to include solar.The hearing went very well and it passed out of the House Commerce Committee unanimously on January 20.  Another piece of legislation the Association is tracking is SB 88 which refers to electric (one hundred fifteen kilovolts), gas, or liquid transmission lines. 
    SDWEA will continue to work hard to promote and protect wind energy in South Dakota, and provide updates on the status of legislation impacting renewable energy production for members, landowners, investors, developers and communities.​​

Wind Turbines, Property Values and Economic Value

Wind Turbines Siting

Lack of Evidence for Wind Turbines Affecting Health 

Comprehensive List of Facts About Wind from AWEA​​