​​​​SDWEA has four types of annual memberships. Can be purchased through PayPal or mailed in to office with form available for download at right.

Class IV Members: Individuals, corporations, cooperatives, associations, and other legal entities                    supporting the activities of the Association : $5,000

Class III Members: Wind developers or those with interests associated with the wind services industry and whose business scope is national, regional and/or local in nature : $1,000

Class II Members: Other large organizations : $500                        

​Class I Members:  a. Wind advocates and small organizations : $100

                                b. Individuals and business owners with an passion for wind energy: $25

​                                c. Students looking for careers in the field and networking opportunities: $10

SDWEA Founding Members

Associated General Contractors of SD, Inc            East River Electric Power Cooperative

Missouri River Energy Services                               Rural Learning Center

Rushmore Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.           SD Electric Utility Companies

SD Corn Utilization Council                                      SD Farm Bureau

SD Farmers Union                                                     SD Rural Electric Association

OUr Members


Membership to the South Dakota Wind Energy Association has several benefits.

  • Network with wind professionals and businesses in the wind industry.
  • Market your products and services within the industry or ask for assistance       from SDWEA on the development of promotional items.
  • Garner support for your business's legislative and advocacy needs.
  • Assistance for training and educational opportunities.
  • Opportunities to serve on SDWEA Committees and the Board of Directors.
  • Access to the SDWEA Quarterly Newsletter and monthly email updates.

Join SDWEA to make a difference in the adoption and sponsorship for wind energy!



SDWEA's members are South Dakota residents, landowners, school district representatives, community members, tribal, business, and industry leaders.  Consider joining SDWEA this year to be part of the growth of renewable energy, job growth and revenue for South Dakota.

SDWEA Executive Board Members

Daniel Webster, President                                Nick Sershen, Vice President
Dakota Energy Cooperative                              Val Add Service Corp.

Toby Crow, Treasurer                                        Frank Heinz, Secretary
Assoc. General Contractors of SD, Inc.           FEM Electric