• It is good for South Dakota’s economy by providing good paying jobs and expanding the local tax base.
  • More and more Fortune 500 companies are instating 100% renewable energy operating plans and looking for purchase agreements in wind friendly states with good capacity wind projects and proactive utilities.
  • The development of wind energy is good for for townships, counties, school districts, landowners, farmers,  and ranchers by providing an additional source of needed income.
    • With millions in funds, our school districts could construct new gyms, playground equipment, performing arts centers, invest in new technology, provide computers or tablets for students, buy tools for teachers and classrooms to increase learning
    • Millions more could go into townships, and South Dakota communities to repair roads, build bridges, and strengthen our aged infrastructure                                                              
  • Wind is good for the environment and public health because it provides a clean renewable resource to meet growing energy needs.
  • ​For customers, wind energy is a source of stable-priced electricity that will help keep bills lower for decades to come.
  • Wind energy is an exportable product with no input costs, providing cash for farmers and generating outside tax revenue for our communities.
  • Wind energy is one of the cleanest, most abundant, sustainable — and increasingly cost-effective — ways to generate electricity, currently powering the equivalent of 18 million average American homes.
  • Generating wind power creates no emissions. Conversely, coal fired power plants, emit approximately 30 percent of the greenhouse gases in the United States.
  • Wind power installed in South Dakota will avoid 623,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year – that’s the equivalent of taking 110,000 cars off the road.
  • Wind power, along with other renewables, could cost-effectively provide 80 percent of the nation’s electricity by 2050, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
    A wind turbine produces enough clean energy in three to eight months of operation to offset all of the greenhouse gas emissions emitted during its manufacture and construction, and it will produce clean electricity for another 20-25 years.


​​As the fifth windiest state, South Dakota has a natural energy source that presents significant opportunity for the state and the nation.                                                                                              


Promote the GROWTH AND development of wind as a clean energy source.

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Continue building the capacity and infrastructure of the organization to include membership satisfaction,  new services and marketing of the Association to increase awareness of the benefits of wind energy.

The  South Dakota Wind Energy Association was developed as a forum for exchanging ideas about wind development and providing accurate, reliable information for state leaders, citizens, developers and investors on a variety of issues related to wind energy. The Association's vision is that South Dakota and its citizens will understand and demand wind energy as a clean energy source providing economic revenue to support strong, healthy and environmentally beneficial communities.


  • Promote cooperation amongst member and stakeholder agencies of mutual interest.
  • Act collaboratively for programs or activities that can be better accomplished collectively than by any one entity.
  • Acknowledge each members’ independence while advocating for the wind industry with one voice.
  • Support new ideas and creativeness that further the mission, vision and goals of SDWEA.
  • Identify challenges and opportunities that transcend jurisdictional boundaries.
  • Seek solutions to issues of common concern without duplicating or harming other member or stakeholder efforts.
  • Represent the interests of members and the South Dakota wind industry.
  • Seek resources, grant monies and collaborations that will benefit SDWEA.